Wednesday, May 18, 2011

breakfast foods.

I seriously don't understand why it's socially unacceptable to eat ice cream for breakfast, but it's fine for people to have waffles doused in syrup and powdered sugar.
Breakfast is a meal in which you consume so you are not hungry until lunch.
Why does it matter if I want to have cold pizza?
And if I want to have a turkey sandwich with tomatoes and lettuce, I should be able to.

It's not gross.
I'm just filling my belly.
Why does it bother you if I choose to eat something a few hours before the time that you deem acceptable?
I'm just being flexible.

If there are leftovers that need to be eaten, I will will eat them before they spoil.
Therefore I am reducing waste.
Therefore, eating any food for breakfast is practical.
And therefore it is superior than eating solely "breakfast foods".

So there. I win.


angela said...

Lol you're supposed to eat breakfast so that your brain works better, it has energy to use, so does your body. Which I guess helps you until lunch, but not it's sole purpose.

It's better to NOT eat waffles with syrup for breakfast, since that's not proper brain food, better things would be eggs, bacon, fruit, toast or cereal.

Everyone just likes waffles. Ice cream isn't the best since there's pretty much no nutritional value to it and will just likely help you gain weight.

mayen said...

I eat anything for breakfast. :)

Anonymous said...

Breakfast? My favorite meal of the day because my stomach is usually growling when I wake up, don't ask me why. And to be honest I eat whatever sounds good! I have to a lunch/dinner food for breakfast as long as it satisfies :)

Furree Katt said...

i love cereal for breakfast! but sometimes, when i wake up late, i have cravings for a large burger.

ka bute said...

i used to ask the same thing. anong meron sa ice cream at bawal kainin pag breakfast? labo. hehe.

apple said...

i eat ice cream for breakfast. no one really cares in the office. :)

ZoeWrites said...

Cold pizza in the morning is the best! ahaha
I love your blogs! ~following~ :P
Keep it up ^_^

ishashime said...

but i LOVE breakfast foods! the only problem is convincing everyone that breakfast foods should be eaten three times a day. hmmm.

dirtycowgirl said...

I don't eat breakfast very often - I eat when I'm hungry and usually that's after I've gone out.

But if I do my favourite is cheese and pickle sandwiches.

Lea-Marie said...

you know it's actually good to eat supper for breakfast( it gives you more energy and what not)

Fiona said...

Angela: I never knew that. I guess food is brain fuel in a sense. [:
And I guess I should stop having waffles with syrup ahaha.

Mayen: Me too!

Lifeslyrics: Really? I'm almost never hungry when I wake up.
And it's good to know that you eat anything for breakfast too, ahaha.

Furree Katt: Mmmmm burgers. I haven't had one in so long.

Ka bute: I have no idea what the second half of your comment says... I'm sorry!
But it's good to know that we both wondered the same thing

Apple: Your office seems pretty laidback. Which sounds awesome.

Zoewrites: I would have to agree. And thanks for the follow!

Ishashime: I eat breakfast foods at any time. Don't worry, I'm with you.

Dirtycowgirl: Cheese and pickle sandwiches? I will have to try one someday.

Lea-Marie: Really? Then I guess that I'm doing something right for once in my life. :D

Jodie-Ann said...


lucy said...

Haha, I am really liking your blog! I find that a lot of what you say is so true, and applies to me too. You are awesome :) New follower!

Anonymous said...

I have totally had ice cream and cold pizza for breakfast. It makes me happy. :)

iZaynab said...

Aha iAgree so much.
On the weekend iEat anything but breakfast cause we really don't cook it.
Its either cold cereal or iEat ice-cream.
; D