Thursday, May 26, 2011

because i'm special like that.

I've always been a person who's been fascinated by little, quirky talents.

Like being able to sing the ABC's backwards.
Or juggling.
Or being able to knit a hat for your dog.
Or being able to lick your elbow.

Plus, I feel like that those would be great conversation starters. 

And now my newest quest is teaching myself to be ambidextrous.
Which by the way, is a lot harder than I thought it would be.
I even had to go to Staples and buy the special extra-big lined paper people use in second grade.
I got a very weird look from the cashier.
Feeling awkward, I made up some bogus excuse about how it was for a class I was teaching.
Which made things even more awkward, because I'm clearly underage.
I'm not applying for a job there anytime soon.

So yeah.
That's what is currently going on in my life.
Feel free to tell me what's going on in yours. Especially if it's interesting.
Traveling to Australia and adopting a koala is a good example.


dirtycowgirl said...

I knew someone who could write with her feet - and as good as she could with her hands, she wasn't disabled she'd just decided to teach herself to do it one day.

Nothing much is going on with me, although I have a date planned for tomorrow.
Will no doubt blog about that - one way or the other.

miya said...

Good luck with being ambidextrous, I decided to teach myself to be ambidextrous too after my mum gave me two pairs of beautiful left handed scissors for christmas by accident :D

Now Ḯ'm just packing some clothes to take with me to my dad's tomorrow and hunting for my left brown high heel...i should really clean my room :D

The Blonde One said...

I can lick my elbow!!
I can also make weirdo croaking noises with my mouth shut... and I can speak in a British accent even though I'm not British... andd.... yeah that's about all the amazing things I'm good at.

Rachel said...

I tried the ambidextrous thing once too. But it didn't work. Oh well. I can do my nails really well with my left hand though.

Exams are what's going on in my life. ugghhh. Not very interesting.

Well bye :)

Leah said...

I know someone who could sing the alphabet backwards.. and paint pictures using his toungue. Eww but cool! As for me, nothing interesting about me. I'm boring. LOL.

QraZee said...

love your post!

Fang said...

Sorry, but licking elbows is impossible unles you have a very long tounge

Maryam said...

^Fang, no matter how long the tongue is..licking elbows is still impossible.
I liked the post. :D

Furree Katt said...

i can move one eye without moving the other!
my cousin is ambidextrous. O.O

Anonymous said...

I am always wanted to be ambidextrous, or at least be able to write with one hand. It all really started when my friend broke her right arm and she had to write with her left hand for ageees in spidery writing.

anummunaf said...

n seriously it is difficult :)
stay blessed :)

InnocentlyGreen said...

I can write with my left hand but with the calligraphy of a 2nd grader. It's readable thought.
Does ventriloquism (speaking without moving lips) count? That proved to be very useful in high-school.

ZoeWrites said...

I think the only thing I can do is picking stuff up and do lots of unusual things with my feet... Not very interesting, but it has earned me the nickname of monkey girl.

mayen said...

I can lick my elbow.. and I'm good in making beaded accessories..I tried the ambidextrous thing once too. but it's really hard and i just gave up.

nothing interesting going on in life right now. All i do is work work work..

have a great weekend.

I noticed you added my button on your page.. thanks for that jodie. :)

Jodie-Ann said...

I wish you luck with that xD
I think I tried that once and failed epically...

Fiona said...

Dirtycowgirl: Wow. That's so cool. I've never thought of the idea of people writing with their feet. Wow.
Ooooh, a date. [:

Miya: I honestly cannot tell the difference between right hand scissors and left hand ones. But that's so funny how your mom gave you scissors for your christmas present, ahahaha.
Don't feel bad about your messy room. I can barely see the floor on mine...

The Blonde One: Really? That's so awesome. I've tried SO many times to do it, but it never really worked...
I always wanted to speak in a cool accent. British accents are really cool. <3 I'm slighly jealous of your ability.

Rachel: I can't do my nails with my left hand. My hand shakes a lot and I end up getting nail polish all over my fingers. D:
I have exams too. They're so stressful. Ohmygod.

Leah: How can you paint pictures with your tongue?
Do you like, dip it in paint?
Ew. Bad mental pictures. But still, that's pretty cool ahahaha.

QraZee: Why thank you! (:

Fang: Really? I've seen some people do it before. Huh.

Maryam: Thank you! :D
And is it really impossible? Maybe I just know some superhuman people. (:

Furree Katt: Like winking? I can do that too! yaaayyy
Is he really? That's awesssooommmee.

Anonymous: I've always heard horror stories like that, about people breaking their dominant hand and having to write with their other.
I've always lived in constant fear that that will happen to me.

Anummaf: Thank you!
And I know it's difficult, but I'm going to give a good attempt anyway.

InnocentlyGreen: It's pretty admirable how it looks legible though. You should see what mine looks like. It's rather... special.
Ventriloquism? That sounds hard.
I will have to try that.

ZoeWrites: So that means your really flexible? Or double jointed or whatever?
I wish I could do cool stuff with my body.
I can drink water really fast, but I think that's more unhealthy than cool, ahahhaa.

Mayen: Making beaded things have always been so hard for me.
I just can't get my fingers to do what I want, and handle all the little, small beads in the rightw ay.
And your welcome. (: But I'm Fiona, so I guess you mixed up our names, ahahaha.

Jodie-Ann: I could make a huge list of things I've failed epically, so don't feel bad. :D

ishashime said...

i had a classmate once who was ambidextrous. i decided to try it myself since she made it seem so easy but even today, all i can produce is a 5 year old's handwriting. haha.
well, i can roll my tongue and do a couple of other tricks with it. haha. oh, i also tied a knot in a cherry stem with it once. xD

good luck on that ambidextrous thing. haha.

Leah said...

Ahaha!! Fiona, not me.. I know someone who does. He can sing the alphabet backwards.. and yes, paint with his own tongue. Gross but it is supercool!! and the painting looks great, too. hehe..

He uses his tongue like a brush. Dips it in paint and then on the canvass.. did some strokes.. and bam, instant abstract art. I remember him saying, "If ever someone decides to buy my work, my signature is already on the paint." I'm guessing he's talking about his saliva. LOL...

InnocentlyGreen said...

If you're gonna try ventriloquism, I should tell you the secret that makes it easy is to keep your lips somewhat split, but so that it looks natural not weird. Also the tiniest smile can help, not an obvious one just small enough so it contracts your face muscles and it helps you be aware to not move them.
Check it out in a mirror. If you're not planning to do this on stage it doesn't need to be absolutely perfect! Letters like b, p, m, w might sound very much alike and you'd need to put the accent on the rest of the word so the person you speak to can know what you mean.
All you need is a mirror and a long afternoon with nothing else fun to do, Haha. Good luck!

apple said...

yikes! you are indeed special. i tried to think of any quirky talent i've got, unfortunately i
can't think of any.

i wish you luck on your goal of being ambidextrous.

and currently, i am trying to overcome my summer hang-over! i had a blast. i definitely miss beach bumming. :|

The Blonde One said...

Fang & Maryam... it's so not impossible, as I've done it more than once to prove to people like you that it's not impossible :D It's just a matter of having a long tounge and bending your arm the right way :P

iZaynab said...

/ l a u g h Oh my lord iLike doing stuff like that.
Whenever iGo out to eat, if it's possible, iOrder from the kids menu.
Most of the time they don't judge me.
: D

Stephanie said...

So, OH MY GOSH. I was gonna make it my summer project to become ambidextrous. I kid you not. I do something crazy like that every year.

Last year I trained myself to be able to raise my right eyebrow independently. I had my left down, but my right was giving me trouble...

Sooo yeahh. *awkward silence*

Pretty cool.


lucy said...

haha, that is so awesome! i tried learning to be ambidexterous as well, but i gave up after about a week (i give up on things too soon). if i had continued, perhaps I'd be learning to type the keyboard with the my foot now :P

Furree Katt said...

no, not winking. like moving the pupil from side to side while the other is perfectly still. winking is the movement of eyeLIDS lol

Fiona said...

Ishashime: Tying a knot in a cherry stem is supposed to mean you're a good kisser, ahahaha.
I've never met someone who's ambidexterous. They seem really cool though.

Leah: That guy has guts. I would never stick my tongue in a jar of paint. It must taste really bad.
But hey, beauty is pain. (:

InnocentlyGreen: I tried doing that today, and all I can manage is a jumbled mess.
I need to practice some more. Thanks for the tips!

Apple: I bet you do have a talent, you just haven't found it yet. (:
Aaahhh, summer. Where I live, it's going to be summer in a few months. I'm so excited.

iZaynab: Whenever I order from the kids menu, I end up ordering two meals, because everything on it is so small. D:
And have you ever tried balancing a saltshaker in restaurants? It's really fun.
You basically pour a bunch of salt on the table and try to balance it on top of it. When it's balanaced, slowly blow the salt away.
Look it up on Google. It's awesome. :D

Stephanie: Really? That's awesome! (:
I think I tried doing the eyebrow thing before, after reading some book where the main character could do it.
But it never really worked out.
Sooo yeah. Pretty cool.

Lucy: I tried typing on the keyboard with my nose before.
But all I did was hurt my head. D:

Furree Katt: do you do that?
That's so cool. :O

Natalie said...

i'm pretty ambidextrous actually. it comes in really handy when i'm working with charcoal - charcoal stick in one hand, kneaded eraser in the other. so good luck with it! :)

Maggie said...

Im not ambidextrous, but I am left-handed:P Anyway, just wanted to tell you that I never said that theres something wrong with nerds, and haha thats funny but I dont think I'll be homeless in 20 years just because I dont consider myself a nerd LOL!

Rose said...

I like to believe that being decent at bassoon is a pretty good quirky talent. How many other people in your school can play bassoon? Only a handful I bet! Credit where credit is due!