Friday, May 13, 2011

that awkward moment when you realize that you're short.

Every year, our school takes a photo of everyone in each grade.
So in homeroom, we had to line up by height. And I was the fifth shortest in my class.
The. Fifth. Shortest.

I refuse to believe that I'm short.
I went to my doctor yesterday, and she told me that I was average in terms of height.
Key word: Average. When did the word average turn into the word short?
Oh, that's right. 

However, deep in my gut, I know that I'm a bit on the shorter side.
But do I accept it? No I do not.
So right now, I'm in this awkward situation where I'm in denial about being in denial.

One time in the waiting room of the dentist's office, I read this psychology magazine. And there was this article about hypnotism.
It said that in order to convince yourself of something, you should say it to yourself until you fully believe it.

And I've been doing that all day. Trying to convince myself that I'm tall.
I almost crashed into a wall at swim practice because my mind was so wrapped up with the problem of my height.
And I might as well do it now too.
For good measure.

I am tall.
I'm not short. I'm tall.
My height would make Yao Ming jealous and if the Empire State Building could think, it would be jealous too.
You, Fiona, are a boss and you are super tall.

...I think it's working.


Jodie-Ann said...

Haha, what's wrong with being short? It's cute. Petite. I'm all legs and arms. XD Like a spider, hahahahahahahahahahahhahahahaha(and more ha's).

Rachel said...

People tell me that I'm short too, even though I'm like 5'4. It's not me though, everyone else is just too tall :)

angela said...

I really am average with my height and age, and my boyfriend for his. He's about..5'8? maybe 5'9". He likes to stand really close to me and say "hey there pipsqueek!!"

-___- I'M NOT SHORT.

ishashime said...

i've always thought i was short. also, my dad makes it worse by always asking me why i never grew any taller. :(
haha. also, most of the people i hang out with at school are really taller than me. i'm only about 5'3 or 5'4, and they are like 5'9, 5'6, 5'7, etc.

oh well, maybe i should try what you're doing. haha.

Furree Katt said...

i'm 5'4, which is fun-sized.
you are not short, Fiona! you're fun-sized! ♥

Fiona said...

Jodie-Ann: Actually, spiders have eight legs. So I personally don't think you look anything like one.

Rachel: AGREED. Everyone should shrink a few inches. Then everything would be ok. :D

Angela: I'd get really annoyed if someone did that to me. I'm super sensitive about my height.
And my weight. But all girls are like that, so I guess that it's pretty acceptable.

Ishashime: It's better than hanging out with friends that are really short.
Because you tower over them, and you feel really uncomfortable. Bleck.

Furree Katt: I'm about the same height as you.
And fun-sized.
I like it. [:

mayen said...

haha.. this is really fun read.

I think there's nothing wrong with being short. Well, that's used to be my mantra, "there's nothing wrong with being short" lol.It works because I don't mind being short now. I stand 5 feet. Does that make you feel better? And the girl I always hang out with at work stands 4"11.. :)

The Blonde One said...

My brothers two years younger than me and him and all his friends are way taller than me so they make fun of me all the time. But I kind of like being short. It gives you an excuse to wear super tall highheels. That, and it's easier to sneak around. Tall people can't fit in cupboards as easily (thinking about hide and seek here. not just everyday life :D)

Hamza Bin Ladin said...

5+ is by no means short.You are,as so candidly expressed by F.K,'fun sized'.:D

Ashley said...

Haha fun sized, I love it.

I'm 5'5. Which supposedly is average. My boyfriend is 6'3 or something. Soo, he towers over me and makes fun of my height all the time. I don't mind though.

I actually hate it when I'm around shorter people. It makes me feel big, which I dislike. So I like when I'm the smaller person haha

Michelle said...

For my last year in middle school we did that too - only it was just the 8th grade class and I was the shortEST at like 4'11.

BUT I have grown since then, 5"1 and a quarter :)

The Ginge said...

Solution: Heels.
It rocks to be a girl :) Unless you fall and break your ankle... :/
Walk slowly.:D

Fiona said...

The Blonde One: I agree that being short makes you more of a ninja. I'm the only person that I know that can fit into a fridge. (Don't ask.)

Hamza: Really? I've always thought that 5ft is pretty short, ahaha.

Ashley: I'm 5'5 too.
And you're boyfriend is almost an entire foot taller than you. Heh. [:
I agree with your point about being with shorter people. I feel like I'm talking to lawn gnomes.

Michelle: You were the shortest?
Oh god. I'm so sorry. ):

Ginge: I can't stand heels. Instead of looking smoking hot, I look like a chicken tottering around looking for food.
Which is not attractive. At all.

dirtycowgirl said...

Haha - I love this.
It works too, I have managed to convince myself that I am not overweight I am underheight.
In my world being short is an advantage.

Now if I could just convince everyone else...

Hanis. said...

Underheight xD
I love that phrase.

I'm 5'3, the way I see it. The shorter the girl is, the more taller guys there are for her.

iZaynab said...

Psh, your not short.
iKnow seniors that are like 4'9 > ____ <
& Most of my friends are like 4'11.
I'm like 5'6/5. I've been drinking milk so iCan grow ~

Fiona said...

Dirtycowgirl: Everyone else is just ignorant. [:

Hanis: That's a good point.
Dating a guy shorter than you... ick.

iZaynab: Are you serious? Seniors that are 4'9?
Wow, I feel bad for them.

Not Completely Sane said...

I have the same problem. I'm the shortest in my class and that includes kids that are 2 years younger than me. And I'd be okay with that if it wasn't for the fact EVERYONE KEEPS POINTING OUT THAT I'M SHORT.