Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Arachnophobia (əˌræknəˈfəʊbɪə) noun An abnormal fear or spiders.

As cliché as it may sound, I am genuinely scared of spiders.
For my entire life, I've been trying to conquer my fear before my fear conquers me.
And I'm pretty sure that that's a famous quote, so write that down.

But apparently I haven't done a good job of fear-conquering.
Because somehow a spider had managed to crawl onto my bathroom ceiling.
And I screamed.
It wasn't your ordinary, run of the mill scream.
But a full blown, girl-in-a-horror-movie scream.
And everyone heard me.
Everyone as in my parents, the stray cat, and several neighboring countries.

And the spider, Warren, let's call him Warren.
When I stopped to breathe from my scream, Warren was gone.
Gone as in vanished.
Gone as in it's not in my visible view. 
Which means Warren is somewhere else in my room, creeping along with his demonic little legs.

I really don't think I'll be able to get any sleep tonight.


The Blog Writer said...

Fiona, this made me laugh out loud!! You're entertaining!

Kuroneko said...

I actually don't mind spiders. Several neighboring countries? xP

ishashime said...

spiders are okay by me. i don't mind when i see one. but when it comes in contact with my skin or my clothing, i freak out. what i really hate is cockroaches. those fat big ones that can fly. *shudders*

Sarah said...

I have this very same probably, only it involves flies: I feel your pain!

Sarah said...

oops, I meant 'problem'.. :P

Furree Katt said...

spiders are okay by me. i cam brush them off easily if they get on my shirt or something. i don't like killing them. i loathe/despise/abhor the massive flying cockroaches. and i'm also terrified of them. :(

Furree Katt said...


mayen said...

You made me laugh so hard. I think I heard you scream. I just didn't know it was you. lol.

I'm not afraid of spiders. I can go check and remove from you're room. lol. You are too funny!

The Blonde One said...

Oh it's so tempting to tell you something super gross about spiders, but I'll refrain. So tempting.

Stephanie said...

I have the saaaame problem. Hate the little demon seeds. I blogged about it once XD Spiders and showers do not mix happily {http://theforbiddenme.blogspot.com/2011/03/melodramatic-arachnids.html}.


Lioness Without A Pride said...

There's a HUGEASS spider in my bathroom, too. What IS it with spiders and bathrooms?

dirtycowgirl said...

I'm the same - hate them.

I was told that they don't like dust - or furniture polish. So I guess you can either never clean or polish EVERYTHING.

Also - keep the plugs in the bath/sink/shower - as they climb up drainpipes.

And get a cat and train it to kill them. One of mine is excellent at doing this, plus he eats them after thereby saving in cat food. Bonus lol.

Fiona said...

Blog Writer: Thank you. [:

Kuroneko: How can you not mind spiders? They're so small and icky and gross and demonic and look like they want to kill you. Blech.

Ishashime: Wait, back it up a bit. Are you telling me that cockroaches can fly now? Seriously?
So basically, they can survive a nuclear bomb, and now they can FLY? Unbelievable.

Sarah: Flies are gross too. I hate how they swarm around food. Ew.

Furree Katt: In general, I don't like anything that flies.
Except for birds. And butterflies. They're ok.

Mayen: It's alright, I think Warren's gone.

Blonde One: Please continue to battle your temptation.
Because I've had enough spider exposure for this week. [:

Stephanie: I read your post, and I think you're really brave for being able to continue with your entire shower routine with the spider being there. If it was me, I would have left and taken a shower in another bathroom.

Lioness: I have no idea.
I guess spiders are attracted to bathrooms...?

Dirtycowgirl: They climb up drains? That's disgusting.
And it's awesome how your cat eats spiders. I need to do that someday.

Jodie-Ann said...

LOOOOOOOL! I read this and laughed like a maniac XD I'm scared of spiders, too! D:

Fiona said...

Jodie-Ann: Arachnophobiacs unite! :D

iZaynab said...

iThink iMight like spiders.
They really don't bother me.
Unless their crawling on me...