Wednesday, May 4, 2011

thinking for yourself.

I can't stand people who incapable of forming their own opinions.

Whenever I have a conversation with someone like that, I get this overwhelming sense that I'm talking to myself.

Me: Do you watch The Office?
Human: Yeah! 
Me: You know the new guy? Will Ferell? I don't think he'll be as good as Steve Carell.
Human: I agree totally!

30 minutes later: 
Another Human: My god, I LOVE the new guy on The Office!
Human: I know right? Isn't he awesome?
Me: o.O

Please have your own ideas on things.
Going with the general opinion doesn't make you seem informed. It makes you look like a follower who doesn't know any better.

I would rather have talk to a person who has radically different views than me, than someone who agrees with everything I say.
It gets tedious after a while. 


Tom Millson said...

I really need to start watching The Office as the adverts always look really funny but I never get round to seeing an episode! Will Ferrell sounds like he would be great in The Office though, especially if his performance in Anchorman is anything to go by (similar office environment I guess?). I'm not saying he'd be better though, as I've never seen Steve Carrell in action though :)

Kuroneko said...

Well I agree with this xP

Furree Katt said...

I agree with this too. :D
and i liked how you called the person 'Human' hahaha

Fiona said...

Tom: You really should watch it. It's the greatest show.
And I'll continue watching it, to see if Will Ferrell is any good.

Kuroneko: [:

Furree Katt: Should I have said used "Homosapien" instead? :p

Jodie-Ann said...

LOOOOOOOOOL! I agree XD hahahaha. That's happened to me before haha. XD

ishashime said...

while i admit that people who do that are irritating, i find myself doing the same thing sometimes. eeps! haha.

iZaynab said...

iAgree ~
But maybe that person has never seen the show or something ~?

r.alsharif said...

haha :P I guess some people are just scared of stating their opinions

Anonymous said...

It's even worse when your talking to your friend and the conversation goes like this:
You: Ohmygosh I love ____
Friend: ME TOO!
You: I'm just kidding....
Friend: Oh. Yeah well I don't actually love that either.
You: O____o