Tuesday, May 31, 2011


So, I haven't been updating as much as I'd like to.
Simply put, the weather has been too hot for my taste.
Way. Too. Hot.

I don't hate a lot of things.
But I can't STAND heat.
I'm the type of person who likes to have at least three layers of clothing on at all times.
I like the cold. It makes me happy.
And to be suddenly flung into 90 degree weather, well, I'm suffering a bit.

I've been cranky and annoying and insufferable.
And I feel like I'm sweating out all of my creativity and wit.

All I've wanted to do these past few weeks was sit on the air-conditioning vent.
And we all know how productive that is.


Maggie said...

Im with you girl.
As I said on my last blog, its freaking 99 degrees over here(99 DEGREES!) I think I'm going to die if I but one more foot outside. Okay, maybe not, but you know what I mean. I hope it gets a little cooler over there(or as much as it can get at this time of the year!).

Phil said...

I just found your blog, and, being a fellow teen blogger with a humor blog, I have to say your blog is amusing.

I disagree with this post, though. Where I live, we haven't had more than a day of sun for all of May. I would love if it started acting like summer (because I've already missed spring).

- Phil

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, it's just started being hot as of yesterday and I LOVE IT. Usually Canada is meh-warm. Now I feel like it's what california would feel like or something, because it's AWESOME. I hate being cold, which is so uncanadian but whatever. I hope where I live, this heat lasts. We've only been having rain otherwise.

jesayka said...

I absolutely hate the heat as well, which is unfortunate simply because I live in California - where the sun is always shining. lol.

iZaynab said...

Ah iJust wear whatever iFeel like it.
Its been pretty chilly where iLive.
Hope it cools down over there.

Fang said...

I never was very good with heath, but always was quite cold-resistant. Nowadays the latter is also going down, and I'm ALWAYS IN PAIN

Myself said...

I hate the heat but adore the sun! (if that makes sense)
So, I can see how a 90degree weather would be murder

Maryam said...

I hate this heat but summers are not fun without this.

Anonymous said...

Haha I live somewhere a bit colder and I´m so glad it´s warming up here now :D well hope you feel better anyway :D

ishashime said...

ah yes, the heat is quite annoying. when i step outside, it's like i'm stepping into an oven. whew!

Furree Katt said...

tell me about it! where i live, there are constant power outages so air conditioning is not really available 24/7. :( i'm praying for monsoon.

Stephanie said...

I awarded you on Pandora :D


Fiona said...

Maggie: Wow, 99?! That's ridiculous. Stupid global warming.
I do hope that it gets cooler. But for now, I'm going to spend minimal time outside ahahaha.

Phil: Thank you!
And we all have our different tastes. But I do hope that some sun gets to your area soon. (:

The Blonde One: Ooooh, Canada has moose. I wish I lived there.
But I'm glad you're enjoying the heat. I heard Canada is always like, frosty cold.

And if you hate the heat, you should move up north. To like, Maine.
Or Seattle. Because it always rains there and they have really good seafood.

iZaynab: Aaah, it's cold in your area. I'm jealous.

Fang: Stupid humans and global warming.
This is why we should plant more trees.
And stop the temperature from rising. AVLDFKJDK.

Myself: I get what you're saying. The feeling of the sun on your face is... comforting.
But coupled with outrageously high weather, it's AWFUL.

Maryam: I guess that's true. Beaches aren't half as fun if it's ice-cold. :D

Miya: Thank you!
And I hope that your area warms up. (:

Ishashime: I KNOW RIGHT.
I don't understand why people enjoy it. Bah.

Furree Katt: I love summer rain. It's so relaxing omg.
But TOO much rain is bad, because then everything floods and you have to travel everywhere via boat. ):

Stephanie: Thank you so much!
I will go make a post about it after I stop procrastinating. [:

Anonymous said...

Hahahha, naw. Canada is like any other place - only really cold in the winter. Unless I were to live even farther up north, where it's just always cold. Naw, Canada -at least where I live- always has really nice warm summers. Just not.. super nice. :P We don't live in igloos or ride polar bears to school! ;D

Jodie-Ann said...

Yeah, it's really hot D;

Jodie-Ann said...

LOOL It's not always cold in the summer here in Canada xD It was BURNING HOT yesterday. Today it cooled a bit but I know there are more super hot days to come.
Yesterday, I felt like my skin was burning off and I was sweating like a pig. XD LOOOOOL!

Alice said...

I'm so glad I'm not the only one who hates the summer and enjoys being out in the cold.
I suppose the fact I get burnt easily and that me and heat just do NOT get on that doesn't help :S
Love your blog by the way :)