Tuesday, May 3, 2011

teen romance novels.

Girl falls in love with Boy.
Girl is extremely average with dumb problems and low self esteem, so the book appeals to the female teenage crowd.
Boy is preferably a supernatural monster.
However, Boy is still sexy despite being a freak of nature.

Boy goes through some deep internal conflict and ends up falling in love with Girl.
But before anything serious happens, another boy falls in love with Girl.
Boy goes crazy with jealousy.

Stuff happens, several people die, and revelations are made.
Boy and Girl chase after each other a lot.
The hearts of the teenage girls melt.

But don't worry!
Everything is okay.
For in the end, Boy and Girl fall in love and get married and live happily ever after.
They have lots of mutated monster-baby kids together.


iZaynab said...

- ________ -
If the protagonist is a stupid like that is literally take it back ASAP.
" Take Me There ", iThrew it the ground so fast.
But yeah, would N O T read anything sad like that.

Furree Katt said...

LOL this seems familiar.

Kuroneko said...

This IS familiar xP

Fiona said...

Zaynab: I can't STAND aggravating protagonists too. Especially the ones the complain about every little thing.
And Take Me There just sounds like a cheesy book, ahaha.

Furree and Kuroneko: I know right? I feel like every teen romance book I read, has almost all of these elements in them.

Anonymous said...

omg this sounds like the best book EVER.
something like this would make millions
even become big in the movie world.


Mischief Managed said...

It's funny cause it's true... what a terrible, terrible series.

Anonymous said...

lol I think this is really true! :)

Jenna said...

Would this happen to be...Twilight? Or The Mortal Instruments Series, by any chance?

Fiona said...

Ashley: And it would be translated into twenty languages so the people in Australia could enjoy the sheer genius of the novel. [:

Mischief: Agree agree agree and agree.

Jillian: I know right? ahahaha

Jenna: I had both of those in mind when I wrote this.
Especially Twilight.

Jodie-Ann said...

So. TRUE. XD Nearly every book I've read had this outline.